Discover Naples

B&B Tecla has selected for you a series of attractions to visit in Naples.

The Cathedral of Naples and Museum of the Treasure San Gennaro


The Metropolitan Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta is a monumental basilica and seat of the Archbishop of the city of Naples. The cathedral is located on the east side of […]

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Vesuvius is an explosive volcano, in a quiescent state since 1944, located in the south-eastern side of the metropolitan city of Naples, in Campania, in the territory of the national […]

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The archaeological excavations of Herculaneum


The archaeological excavations of Herculaneum show the remains of the ancient city of Herculaneum, buried under ashes, lava and mud during the eruption of Vesuvius in 79, along with Pompeii, […]

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The archaeological excavations of Pompeii


The archaeological excavations of Pompeii show the remains of the ancient city of Pompeii, near the hill of Civita, near the modern Pompeii, buried under ashes and lapilli during the […]

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Royal Palace of Naples


The Royal Palace of Naples is one of the four residences used by the Royal House of Bourbon during the Kingdome of the Two Sicilies; the other three are Capodimonte, […]

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Galleria Umberto I


The Galleria Umberto I is the most popular Gallery in Naples. Here you can have a tasty coffee, enjoy the windows or admire the pictorial beauty of the eighteenth century […]

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San Carlo Theatre


The San Carlo Theatre is one of the most famous and prestigious opera house in the world. It is the oldest opera house in Europe still active, having been founded […]

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Sant’Elmo Castle


Sant’Elmo Castle is a medieval castle, a museum, located on the hill of Vomero. It was once called Paturcium and stands in the place where there was, in the tenth […]

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Charterhouse of San Martino


The Charterhouse of San Martino is a Carthusian monastery in Naples, located on the hill of Vomero, next to Castel Sant’Elmo. It is absolutely one of the greatest religious monuments […]

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San Lorenzo Maggiore


The monumental complex of San Lorenzo Maggiore, whose main access is in the city center (Piazza San Gaetano), is an amazing example of layering of architectural relics from different periods: […]

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Santa Chiara Church and the Majolica Cloister


The Basilica of Santa Chiara, or the monastery of Santa Chiara, is one of the most important and largest monastic complexes of the city. The basilica has its entrance on […]

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Sansevero Chapel Museum 


The Sansevero Chapel Museum in the historic heart of Naples is a jewel of the world’s artistic heritage. Here, baroque creativity, dynastic pride, beauty and mystery blend to create a unique and almost timeless atmosphere. […]

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Napoli Sotterranea: The Underground City


The undergrounds of the city is a must in Naples. Rich of history and bonded to the rediscovery of a rare heritage, is unique. Great civil engineering works, long-abandoned and […]

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The lower decumanus, commonly called Spaccanapoli, is one the most famous street of the historical center of Naples. It is along the upper decumanus one of the three main streets […]

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The Archaeological Museum of Naples (MANN)


The Archaeological Museum of Naples (MANN) is one of the most important museum of Naples. It has the richest and most valuable collection of archaeological works and artefacts in Italy. […]

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